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How DISEL Drove the Successful Launch of Alena and Generated $7.8M in Sales with Just $16K Invested in Ads.


Alena, as a new developer, was ready to launch her apartment project but faced the challenge of establishing a brand presence on social media from scratch and generating leads for the project. Additionally, they needed to implement an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to optimize the performance of their sales team and monitor the project's progress.

DISEL's Actions:

Social Media Setup and Content Creation: We developed and created social media accounts for Alena from scratch on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Engaging and relevant content was created to promote the project and generate interest among the target audience.

Lead Generation Strategy: An effective lead generation strategy was implemented on Facebook and Instagram, using segmentation techniques and targeted advertising, to reach the target audience—those interested in purchasing apartments.

CRM Implementation: A customized CRM system was set up for Alena Apartments' sales team. This CRM not only helped manage and maintain records of leads but also provided the manager with a detailed view of each salesperson's individual performance.


Lead Generation: In the first 3 months of implementing the strategy, over 2,000 leads interested in purchasing apartments at Alena were generated. This demonstrated the success of the lead generation strategy implemented by us.

Revenue Generated: With an advertising investment of $16,000, Alena managed to generate impressive revenues of $7.8 million in the same 3-month period. This outstanding performance reflected the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy and lead generation capability.

If you're looking for similar results for your business, contact us! At DISEL, we go beyond visibility. We are passionately dedicated to generating tangible results that are not only measurable but also transform the success of our clients.

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