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Case Study: Post-COVID Revitalization - How DISEL Increased Sales by 95% for Suites Terraza Imperial Post-Pandemic

Updated: Jan 20

From its inception, Suites Terraza Imperial served as a haven for businesses and corporations choosing to accommodate their teams and clients. In 2021, they faced the challenge of revitalizing their hotel after the devastating impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. With nearly zero occupancy and a loss of corporate clients transitioning to remote work, the hotel sought DISEL's assistance to boost sales and reclaim its market position. Through a bold strategy, we transformed the hotel's narrative, increasing sales and brand recognition, moving it from uncertainty to a renaissance. Discover how Suites Terraza Imperial not only revived its sales but laid the groundwork for robust and continuous growth.


- Low Post-COVID Occupancy: With reduced travel and events, the hotel faced occupancy below 20%.


- Loss of Corporate Clients: Transition to remote work led to the loss of corporate clients, significantly impacting reservations.


- Limited Brand Visibility: Lack of marketing and brand recognition contributed to low sales and a limited market presence.

DISEL Actions:

To address these challenges, DISEL implemented a comprehensive strategy, including:

- Organic Content Strategy: Revitalized content and posting frequency on social media, showcasing existing and new content through photoshoots and other initiatives.

- Ad Campaign for Lead Generation: Designed an advertising campaign focused on lead generation and increasing nightly bookings.

- CRM Implementation and Messaging Strategy: Introduced a CRM system integrating a messaging strategy, directing campaign-generated inquiries directly through WhatsApp.

- Results Analysis: CRM implementation enabled real-time monitoring of results through customized dashboards, providing Suites Terraza Imperial with total control over the strategy's effectiveness.

Results Achieved:

Thanks to these actions, Suites Terraza Imperial experienced an impressive 95% growth in post-COVID sales. The change was evident not only in reservation numbers but also in customer interaction:

- Exponential Reservation Growth: From receiving just a few reservation messages, the hotel experienced a significant increase, surpassing 4,000 messages in the first year.

- Hotel Occupancy: Initially below 20% post-COVID, the hotel recovered to 45% in the first year. This increase has consistently continued year after year, reaching a robust average of 70% in 2023.

- Operational Efficiency: The CRM implementation not only generated daily sales but also allowed efficient management of inquiries and the expansion of the sales advisory team.

- Ongoing Collaboration and Sustained Growth: Terraza Imperial not only continues to work with DISEL but the collaboration has strengthened with constant proposals of new ideas to lead brand recognition and further increase sales.

- Increased Digital Marketing Investment: Thanks to the obtained results, the brand has significantly increased its investment in digital marketing. Improved metrics and the positive impact on sales have convinced the client of the strategy's effectiveness, leading them to invest more in digital marketing than before.

The success with Suites Terraza Imperial demonstrates the positive impact of a comprehensive digital marketing and CRM strategy. DISEL not only revitalized the hotel's sales but also laid the foundation for continuous growth and sustained brand recognition.

If you're seeking similar results for your business, contact us! At DISEL, we go beyond visibility, focused on measurable results. We passionately dedicate ourselves to generating tangible results that not only are measurable but also transform the success of our clients.

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